Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Merry Christmas from Help a Hedgehog Hospital!

Christmas is here and the hedgehogs are getting fat!  Over 140 little guests eat lots of food!  Most of them are too small to hibernate or they would not wake up again so we have to keep feeding them until they are strong enough to face life in the great outdoors when we release them in the Spring.

Our fundraising efforts have come to a halt for the time being - we had eight events in the run up to Christmas so now we are taking a breather until the last weekend in January, when we will be at the WWT Wetland Centre at Slimbridge for the Festival of Birds.

We went to craft fairs, goodwill evenings, charity fairs and supermarkets - our friends were generous - buying our calendars, Christmas cards and other merchandise.  All proceeds go towards the care of the hedgehogs. We also received some generous donations, which will enable us to keep on caring and not have to turn away any needy patients.

So enjoy the Christmas break - but remember to keep a look out for little hedgehogs out in the cold and wet - they will not survive without help! Pick them up and weigh them - any under 600gms need to be looked after for the winter.  They do need specialist care - our carers are experienced and trained to give the medication they need; so don't try to do it yourself - just give us a call on 01453 886424.

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